Marilena and Christian, Bespoqe’s owners, organize and direct the activities taking care of all the details of your holiday or event, supported by a qualified experts team.

Since we live in Italy, we really know local people and hidden treasures and we always share with our customer all our personal contacts and suggestions.

“If we find something local, authentic and worth doing, we’ll share it with you.”


Lifestyle’s expert, proud member of Knight of Alba’s Truffle and Wine, I spent years as Manager in consulting and international food companies. After that I used my organization skills, meticulous traveler’s experience and great passion for arts and architecture for an independent part-time travel job, working as travel advisor. Founding Bespoqe, I accepted the challenge to become a Travel Designer, working with passion on each tour project.


Extremely passionate food connoisseur and wines expert, I worked as marketing Manager in Slow Food - organizing events and P.R. during several international exhibitions - and some other companies, also as consultant, assisting them in shaping their image and telling their stories. Driven by my sense of discovery and fearless spirit, I try to inspire others, developing our business and creating events for our corporate clients.