Christian & Marilena are experienced professionals, who have grown up with the culture, preparation, and approach of established business managers in prestigious international companies outside the travel industry.

Their very different backgrounds are behind the success of the company founded in Piedmont in 2014 as a small boutique DMC. We are daily committed to the creation of luxury tailor-made journeys through longstanding relationships with artisans, food producers, winemakers, and craftsmen that allow travelers to experience Italy in a local, authentic way.

Over the years, we’ve chosen to be and remain small, because our business model is customer service driven, carefully curating itineraries with high attention to details, devoting time and care to each request.

We carefully listen to clients’ needs and expectations. We “read” people and interact with them until we understand what they are looking for. And then we work alongside them to find it.

Our small team of highly trained professionals is always available during their holiday, offering 24/7 assistance with extreme flexibility, even rescheduling part of the trip in real-time if necessary, so that clients don't miss a single moment or experience of their beautiful vacation.

Our characteristic is to be extremely flexible, punctual, accurate, and able to provide personalized information and answers. We work in a thoughtful, respectful, and responsive manner.

We pamper our travelers in each moment of their journey, with amenities, surprises, and gifts.
Our clients are wealthy people, mature-aged, curious individuals who seek a reliable partner on the ground, with local knowledge, a discreet presence behind the scenes, who double-check every detail, resulting in a smooth holiday without hitches.

In the end, luxury is more than 5-star hotels and first-class tickets.
It’s something intangible that nevertheless makes the difference: human relationships, time management, expertise, and personalized advice.
An understated luxury, for discerning travelers.


The Founders

Travel Director Marilena

inherits her aptitude for planning and creating trips with extreme precision from her brilliant career in Accenture - a Fortune Global 500 leader in consulting and processing services - in Logistics and Operations industries. Followed by years of "friends&family" holidays’ planning. She transformed her professional skills, her high-end traveler’s experience, and her great passion for architecture into a full-time job. 

Managing Director Christian

builds his career in Marketing and Business Development in international companies like the Slow Food movement - whose aim is to protect local traditions and typical foods - giving his contribution in the creation of books and thematic guides about enology and gastronomy, traveling throughout Italy for many years and building the network of personal connections that today is the soul of Bespoqe Travel's experiential offer.