Piedmont is mainly known as the land of aged red wines - Barolo and Barbaresco - and fine food, yet little mention is made of its diverse and beautiful landscape. This part of Italy, named Langhe region, is largely untouched by tourism and is - in many ways - the true Italy, honest and fiercely proud of its culinary heritage.

In the autumn, food festivals take place nearly every weekend, celebrating the regional produce of local farmers and wine-makers. But in the other seasons it has no crowds and we can open for you the doors of the finest wineries in the region, including many which don’t usually accept visitors, and can arrange private tastings for you.

The most famous delicacy of Langhe region is the Alba white truffle, required by gourmands who travel from all over the world every autumn to enjoy the exciting truffle hunting in the woods and to feast on truffles in one of the many superb restaurants scattered throughout the hills. We know the best and most charismatic hunters, who allow our clients to take part in this most secret of rituals to really understand the passion for the ‘white gold’.

But Langhe region is not just about food and wine. Majestic medieval fortresses rise imperiously from the landscape: wonderfully atmospheric on a misty day, many of the castles are home to fascinating collections and most are still in private hands, making an aperitif with the owner a real pleasure.