For millennia, Rome was the Ethernal City, the Capital of the World... Today, Rome is a lively, vibrant and cosmopolitan city: everywhere, like in an open-air museum, you can find the memory of its greatness with a spectacular fusion of ancient and modern, a unique heritage like no other city in the world.

Experience the most local and authentic atmosphere, walking around in the historic Campo de' Fiori neighbourhood, famous for its daily market full of colors and scents, or Testaccio, the city’s original foodie district where the authentic "Roman cuisine" was born! Beside the classic pasta "Cacio e pepe" or the "Coda alla Vaccinara" meat course, taste the legendary "porchetta" sandwich or the traditional street food crunchy pizza.

Immerse yourself in the narrow alleys of Trastevere and the Jewish district or along the streets of Gianicolo Hill, finding some local artisans and amazing workshops, that will leave you speechless: jewels designers and shoes makers, small shops with costumes and hats for the cinema, antiques and old prints... You will want to stop longer in the city!

Interesting sites are in the Rome's surrounding as well: from Tivoli with the marvelous ancient Villa Adriana and the Renaissance Villa d'Este, to the Archeological Site of Ostia Antica, that really is worth a visit.