Puglia basks in Italy's Southern sun and is a land of extremes: deep sapphire waters offset intensely white towns; exaggerated miles of olive trees cover the horizon, sprinkled with compacted little towns. But Puglia is often associated with its architectural peculiarity: the "Trulli". These whitewashed rural homes are surmounted by conical teepee-like roofs made from stacked stones without mortar. The main concentration of trulli is found in the Valle d'Itria area: the town of Alberobello alone boasts more than 1,000 of these curious dwellings.

Drive an Italian vintage car to the south of the region, reach Lecce, a city rich in history, art and traditions, where Baroque style is expressed here like in no other city. Thanks to its incredible artistic and cultural heritage, capable of capturing the eyes and the hearth of everyone, Lecce is considered the "Florence of the South". Or spend a day in the small villages, making the "orecchiette", the local hand-made pasta, with the grandmas, sitting along the streets and chatting.

Not so far, visit Matera - famous for its old town called “Sassi”, considered World Heritage Site by UNESCO - a city that you cannot compare to other places in the world: you will never find a similar one! Matera is a unique setting, an entire town that lies in a small canyon (“Gravina ” in the local language ) carved by the rain and wind. Discover its hidden spots and the amazing rock landscapes that best testifies the ancient relationship between man and nature.